October, 3 2020 marked a major milestone for current Mayor of Ensenada, Lic. Armando Ayala Robles. On this day, he and his team presented his First Government Report, delivering a key document detailing the current state of the municipal public administration, the progress of the Municipal Development Plan, and the myriad of outstanding achievements realized thus far.

This report reflected the ‘seven guiding axes’ of the XXIII City Council, embodying the principles of Public Services, Transformation of the Municipality, Security and Citizen Participation, Social Welfare, Territorial Development, Sustainable Development and the Environment.

A Brief History

Ensenada, Baja California, the western shore of Baja California, Mexico, is an enigma that still has so many mysteries. Ensnada, previously named Ensenadas de Todos Sanches, coastal town, western Baja California province (state), Mexico. The city is located on the Todos Sanches bay of the Pacific Ocean, in the area known as Ensenate.

Ensenada was a major fishing port in the Mexican Pacific Coast, and as this was the location from where the Spanish colonizers who were still settling Baja left their own mark. The city, which was established by the 15th century, was among many outposts along the coast of Baja by Spanish conquistadors. Its original name, Todossenos, means”at the place where the Spanish used to fish”. A very long time after the coming of Spanish and after they’d set settlements, Ensenada was integrated to the city of San Miguel de Allende, which had been established on the same shore.

Ensenada was the place where the first Spanish missions were constructed, and it’s said that the majority of the settlers and missionaries that were leaving Baja came here. They founded the Church of San Francisco de Asis, the church still exists today, but it was also incorporated to the city of San Miguel de Allende, in which it still remains. A number of the first inhabitants of Ensenada have passed away, and people who live there now are of another ethnic group in the original settlers. The people living in the tiny cities today are descendants of what the residents were when they abandoned Baja. The small towns in Ensenada have various dialects, which has helped the place have been identified with various kinds of classes.

Over the years, individuals from other parts of Mexico, particularly Central America, have moved into Baja, taking advantage of the fishing and tourist industry as well as the relatively lower cost of living, among other reasons. Since the 1960’s, Ensnada has experienced a increase in its crime rate, though the crime rate remains relatively low.

Ensenada, however, is a part of modern history that’s still being composed. Ensenada historians aren’t as interested in the background of previous inhabitants since they are from the present and they are not so interested in the background of the current. Their interest lies in the current and the future of Ensenada.

The people of Ensenada managed to live the Spanish conquistadors and their arrival in their town because they heard from the Spanish and they have also managed to adapt to the cultures of different cultures. Even now, the people of Ensenada are very proud of their heritage and have made an effort to maintain their culture despite different kinds of influences that have come to be in their lives through recent years. They have managed to construct a sense of pride and identity in their hometown despite their diverse backgrounds.

Living in Ensenada Today

Today, Ensenada is among the oldest and most intriguing cities in the southwestern United States, and this is because of its antiquity and the richness of background that may be discovered in its old and modern history. There are tons of items that Ensenada offers its visitors, for instance, beautiful beaches and the great historical websites.

Due to its great place on the planet, Ensenada has gained popularity throughout the world, which has helped it to get recognition from organizations that focus on world heritage, for example World Heritage List and UNESCO. It is about the World Heritage List because of its rich cultural heritage, which includes both the historical buildings and places ever. And the rich history of its native people.

Unprecedented Achievements

Under the guidance, direction, vision and dedication of Robles, the city of Ensenada and the state of Baja California have seen impressive and unparalleled progress. Throughout the first year of government, under Robles’ leadership, 14,561 actions were taken in the municipality, efficiently leveraging resources in order to derive maximum benefits for the people of the city.

With a core focus on improving quality of life and economic growth for residents, the local government has worked in tandem with the Federal Government on the Emerging Urban Improvement Plan, aimed at tackling multiple areas of improvement for the municipality. This investment, potentially up to 200 million pesos, will provide much needed economic stimulus into an area.

Infrastructure Development Under the Plan Will Cover:

  • Sports area construction, park and lighthouse
  • Construction of community development center, park and sports equipment
  • Market Renewal in Ex Municipal Palace
  • Renewal of Plaza ‘of the Homeland’
  • Renewal of Civic Square
  • Revolution Park Renewal
  • Construction of Malecon and service core in Beach Hermosa

Notable Achievements:

  • 3.5 Million sq. meters of paved road across 5830 streets formerly unpaved in Ensenada
  • Charity delivery of 840 Tinacos and support food resources for the communities of Teenadians
  • Collaboration agreement with the Mariana Trinitaria A Congregation. C to contribute to the well-being of local families on an organized and unified front
  • Rehabilitated roadways in key tourist areas where 85% of Mexican wine is produced, connecting roadways to valleys.
  • More than 10 million pesos allocated as part of the Municipal Infrastructure Fund to support the delegations of Francisco Zarco and San Antonio de las Minas in terms of drainage networks, replacement of drainage networks, their continuation and equipment for wells.
  • Serviced more than 450 lights in the three delegations and we also repaired and activated more than 150 lights that correspond to the 2 kilometers of ridges that correspond to San Antonio de las Minas.
  • Attained a 90% efficiency rating regarding garbage collection services
  • Enhanced security and installation of a booth in El Porvenir, enabling increased vigilance and the ability for a prompt response to calls from residents. This has led to a 23% reduction in the incidence of low-impact crime in September.
  • A firm commitment to preserving the natural environment, especially as it relates to the Wine Regulations of the Guadalupe Valley.

A Likely Candidate for the Morena Party

The mayor’s passion for bettering the community at large, an honest and ethical approach to politics, and a commitment to results have earned Robles considerable praise and admiration, as well as having positioned him as a potentially ideal candidate for governor for the Morena party.

His achievements are a demonstrable result of his passion for peace, welfare and justice for all, and a testament to his willingness to work together towards a better society and future.

Those interested in learning more about Robles’ campaign or office are encouraged to reach out by way of the media contact information below.

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